Tulisilma Sünd


Format: MCD

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"The time is May, 2000. The place — a rehearsal room built in the swamp by comrade Massacra. This is the “comfort zone” that saw the birthing of the very first Loits recording in 1996, the place that brought forth a plethora of rehearsal room demos that are now considered important, a lot of them yet “undiscovered”. Less than a month has passed since the passing of Alan, and now Loits are spurred to give a farewell performance. This time, guitar is handled by comrade Gates, for whom this is only the second rehearsal with Loits. The recording features computer-generated drumming, but Atso is already present in the rehearsal space. There is talk about the band needing a live drummer, and a few weeks later Atso joins up. This ends a short, yet rather fruitful period for Loits, while marking the beginning of the next phase which is to encompass the release of three full-length albums. The rehearsal is indeed recorded at the request of a local record label — a record label that had by then released a couple of markedly important metal albums, but disappeared right at the time when Loits were in studio, recording their debut for the same label."

1. Intro
2. Tulisilma sünd
3. Valge nägu
4. Veri
5. Kolmjalg
6. Tõelised kuningad

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