The Hammer Of Antichristian Detonation


Format: CD

$ 10,00


These 3 unholy riders of doom has been unleashed by hellish fire blast!!! Expect nothing but hatred, wrath, and cold temper of spirit in its purest essence! For those who dont know these bands, here are some informations about them below:
DETONATOR666 - The kings of Czech Black Metal, under the impure command of Vlad Blasphemer from the mighty legend of Czech Black Metal horde MANIAC BUTCHER!
HAMMERGOAT - The black messiashs of impurity and armaggedon are back after debut album "Regeneration through Depopulation" with 2 exclusive new songs and bestial coversion of the True POISON horde "Yog-Sothoth".
TUNDRA - The bestial tumour at the heart of modernchristianity, TUNDRA spread their poison with new songs plus more a killer coversion of VON "Watain", featuring Warlord (Evil/Hammergoat/Dethroned Christ) as guest vocalist.

HAMMER OF DAMNATION - 1995 / 2016 - Sao Paulo, BRAZIL