Raised upon Brazilian soil to execute a pagan black metal inspired in the old ancestral spirit and transcendental cult of blood. Where assign in his songs all our chaotic and cataclysmic journey.

Created by OldWolf circa 2014 and inspired by bands as Bathory, Burzum, Moonblood, Fullmoon, Veles, Bilskirnir, Graveland and others. Comes in this project to have the possibility to explore various musical instruments and textures where goes from an acoustic music to the old black metal.
In creating the songs for the first full album Nidhogg was asked to join the band becoming an indispensable member.

After 2 years, in 2016 was released an digital EP with 3 disclosure songs and later, on the same year, came the first full length record entitled “Perpetual Blood”, with 12 tracks, released by the label Voluspa Records, followed by a K7 released by Unholy War lable.

In December 2017 was released a 7″ vinyl split with the Ukrainian band “Blutfhane” entitled “Path of the dead forest” by “Barbatos Productions” limited in 33 copies where later “Hammer of Damnation” released it, on digipack, including 3 new songs from each band entitled “Transcendental creation” also released in tape by the German lable “Worship Tapes” in analogic format.

Thus, Walsung signs contract with the consecrated and respected Hammer of Damnation as official lable, which give us all necessary support to the upcoming releases and merchandising.

“Hyperborean Tales” comes in August 2018 released by Hammer of Damnation in partnership with “Darken Than Black”, split with Maléfice (France) in 12″ blue vinyl, 300 copies limited.

In may 2019 was released by Hammer of Damnation a wonderful tribute to mighty Bathory called “Under the sign of the black goat” where Walsung participates with the song “The land”.

In September 2020 was released a K7 live split with Ravendark’s Monarchal Canticle by Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution entitled Brotherhood’s in Battle 100 copies limited.
After some concerts of great relevance sharing stage with other bands Walsung follows in full activity.

Still in 2020, under the Hammer of Damnation flag, we’ll have these releases:

-Split – Evil/Walsung 7″ vinyl (Werewolves of the black Holocaust) 250 copies limited edition.

-Split – Bilskirnir/Walsung 7″ vinyl (Anthems to the Temple of Fullmoon) with the special guest Warlord on vocals, 250 copies limited edition.

-Reissue from “Perpetual Blood” with a new cover art in 12″ red vinyl in partnership HoD and DWGUREX.

– Mini-album (Werewolves of the full moon) a teaser to the new album that will come.

In 2021, Walsung will start the recordings to his new album where Hammer of Damnation will release it at LP, CD and K7.

We can say that this new material will come with a more aggressive proposal creating something melodic and at the same time dark and with dense and complex compositions.

OldWolf – Guitars, Vocals, Bass and Keyboards
Also a member of the bands : ( Ulvens, Wolfhord, Wehrmacht, Hammergoat, Ex-Evil, Arthanus, Vindverskr )

NidHogg – Drumer
Also a member of the bands : ( Arthanus, Azagh )


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Transcendental Creation

By Walsung
Release date: 2018-09-03


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